Monday, 14 April 2014

Lively hands-on night, 14th April 2014

The newly instituted AV corner showing wood craft videos
Bill Makin showing a new member the basics of turning while
club Chairman Fred Worthington tutors another.
Lots going on tonight. Four lathes at one end, instructional videos at the other, Brian selling pen turning equipment and consumables, Russell selling Abranet abrasives on behalf of the club, more wood for sale in the centre, tea and coffee ready for later while people peruse the monthly table of members' work. The pictures don't really do the activity level on the night justice here. 

Wood and pen supplies for sale

We had three new members/visitors having a go at turning on the four lathes for the first time and probably about 50 members present total, which is the most I've seen since I joined.

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